At ESD ROM people have a real opportunity to grow and expand their professional skills.

Employee performance is rewarded at ESD ROM, both by position and the benefits. Over the years at least 16 employees in the company have evolved:

  • 6 technicians were promoted to the position of Technical Department Coordinator
  • 2 call center agents were advanced in positions of Customer Support Team Leader and Sales Team Leader
  • 2 warehouse managers received Warehouse Management Coordinator position
  • 2 receptionists have advanced to the position of Reception Team Leader
  • 2 quality control workers have advanced to the position of Quality Manager
  • 5 students in ESD training courses were employed in the company

Hence the list can continue with you!

If you are determined and you think you can be part of this team, visualize vacancies below, fill in the form or send your updated CV by email , noting the position for which you are interested.