ESD ROM mission is to provide consulting services, technical support, repair and sales services of telecommunication products, electronics and appliances.

ESD ROM aims to increase and maintain customer satisfaction and customer loyalty to the electronics brands used, by offering a high level of service quality.


We want to offer our partners, manufacturers and end users, high quality services and an END 2 END process: CUNSULTANCY - SALES - SERVICE & MAINTENANCE. This is because ESD wants to minimize the efforts of customers in the acquisition and after sales support.

ESD ROM wants to become the leading supplier in the field of electronics and appliances:

  • In presales process: consulting in purchasing the right equipment for both consumer and corporate segment;
  • In the sales process: taking the right acquisition decision, providing rapid and appropriate response on consumer needs, value-added services - installation, maintenance, extended warranty;
  • In the post-sales process: fast service diagnostics and repair (One Hour Repair Services), quality control, reactive and proactive maintenance, equipment support and proper management.


PROMPTNESS is supported by:

  • Customer dedicated call center with 6/7days, 8/24 hours activity, and premium services response. We'll always have a human operator;
  • Teams for interventions in the field, locally and nationally;
  • Contacts and email addresses specific to each type of request;
  • Response time to inquiries within 24 hours;
  • View real-time status of goods in service;
  • Access to the online platform for products and accessories.

QUALITY is confirmed by:

  • Our business partners;
  • "Best Practice in Europe" stated by one of our business partners;
  • Regional Service Hub Management for one of our business partners;
  • Processes and the cutting edge equipment of the company;
  • Ability to solve problems quick and fast delivery;
  • Supply contracts with producers and the largest distributors, nationally and internationally;
  • Providing quality and trust services at Swiss standards.

EFFICIENCY is supported by:

  • Reduced response times to customer requests;
  • Reduced response times in repair services;
  • Reduced delivery time and electronics equipment installation;
  • Over 90% success rate in ONE HOUR repair program;
  • Ticketing system for online customers and ESD locations;
  • National and international coverage, by competence type.

TRANSPARENCY is achieved by:

  • Viewing product status online;
  • Physical transparency of the repair process in some ESD locations;
  • Real-time communication with customers on special situations encountered: in service product check-in, repair and quality inspection;
  • Communication through web platforms, social networks and call center ESD team.


  • We work at 100% quality standards of the manufacturers;
  • We use only original parts and components purchased directly from manufacturers in the process of repair;
  • We work only with manufacturers or distributors, approved contractors agreed by producers on national and European territory;

We are authorized to process information or personal data.

About Us

ELECTRONICS SUPPORT DIVISION is the company known in Romania as ESD ROM. The company with 100% Romanian capital is specialized in technical field: mobile phones, electronics and appliances.

It has a history of 7 years in the Romanian market and one year in the Swiss market by the brand Swiss Technology Services, partnerships for over 6 years with major manufacturers of electronic equipment and appliances.

ESD ROM is the regional management point in the servicing in Eastern Europe and the Balkans for Philips, holds exclusive brand shops for Samsung, LG and Huawei in Romania.

The company is currently developing three business lines dedicated to electronics and appliances:

  • Manufacturer Authorized Service for Samsung, LG, Philips, Allview, Huawei, Asus, Yezz, Overmax Prestigio.
  • Retail – e-commerce and shops selling accessories and electronics.
  • Corporate Sales - consulting, integration and development of professional digital display solutions, dedicated to SME and Enterprise accounts.
Over 20 years of experience
Over 100 specialists
Over 1,000,000 volumes processed
Over 60 ESD partners

Over 20 years of experience

The company's founders have over 20 years experience in repair services for all types of equipment and over 10 years of management experience in the field. Employees have over 7 years’ experience in servicing electronics and appliances.