ESD-ROM and Samsung. The first partnership for education of young students in March 2014

Starting in March 2014 ESD ROM with SAMSUNG initiated the first project called "SAMSUNG ACADEMY".

ESD ROM was declared by Samsung a BEST PRACTICE IN EUROPE in the repair field for smart devices and wanted to share this experience for young students passionate about technology.

ESD-ROM and Samsung. The second partnership for education of young students in July 2015

The first education project ESD ROM and Samsung continued in 2015, based on the previous success.

Having the same desire to share best practices in the field of technology for young students in Romania, ESD ROM with Samsung continued to develop specialists.

A job for the future!

The new project with involvement in education in which ESD ROM is in partnership was initiated in November 2015. The project "A JOB IN TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FUTURE” is the most far-reaching project that ESD ROM recorded so far.

The main partners of the project are SAMSUNG, ESD-ROM, Princess Margareta Foundation and UCECOM College.