A job for the future!

The new project with involvement in education in which ESD ROM is in partnership was initiated in November 2015. The project "A JOB IN TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FUTURE” is the most far-reaching project that ESD ROM recorded so far.

The main partners of the project are SAMSUNG, ESD-ROM, Princess Margareta Foundation and UCECOM College.

The project aims to offer a chance at a job in a modern field for young graduates of high schools with technological profile, students also coming from disadvantages family situations: from families with low incomes, without a real chance to quality education in Romania.

The project duration is 3 months and 480 hours intensive course. At the end of this program, the young participants will have the chance to obtain a certificate of professional skills that will help them in the jobs’ market in Romania. They will gain the chance of an internship in ESD ROM and also may have the opportunity to be part of ESD ROM team.

The thematic of this program is very extensive and requires, this time, skills development on all types of equipment: communications, audio and video, appliances.

"We are pleased to share our experience of over 15 years of repairs in the field with young people passionate about technology. We believe that we can prepare them for life and career and we are used to fill our teams each year with young intelligent and competent students. We believe that what we, as professionals, have acquired in years of experience, to transfer to those generations that in the future will bring real values to society. In these courses the young people not only have the opportunity to learn theoretical and practical, but also to see the way in which this business model is managed, how to manage work teams, which are processes and procedures that lie behind a single repair” (Ciprian Bunda, General Manager at ESD ROM).