ESD-ROM and Samsung

ESD-ROM and Samsung. The first partnership for education of young students in March 2014

Starting in March 2014 ESD ROM with SAMSUNG initiated the first project called "SAMSUNG ACADEMY".

ESD ROM was declared by Samsung a BEST PRACTICE IN EUROPE in the repair field for smart devices and wanted to share this experience for young students passionate about technology.

The goal was to contribute to the education of young people in technical schools, adding to theoretical schools courses, practical courses in technology.

In the Academy attended a total of 50 students, divided into 5 groups of 10 students.

The topics in the courses were focused on SMART technology for communications equipment and audio-video:

  • Introduction of communications technologies for next generation;
  • Smart interaction, the basic principles of mobile phones and tablets repairs;
  • Advanced levels repair for SMART equipment;
  • Analysis and verification of repairs quality.

After courses students could get, based on performances achieved, 3 degrees of professional certification in the field of smart repair equipment: Basic, Specialist or Master.

ESD ROM hired top 3 students, following courses and exams, students that have achieved the best results in theoretical and practical testing.

"We thought initially that students, technology enthusiasts, will have the chance to interact with technology beyond appearance and user experience. But I noticed that these young people have developed beyond professional skills, intuition, efficiency, passion to work every day with new technologies. At that moment I decided that ESD ROM needs the values of these youngsters and decided that these values should be part of our team “(Liliana Fratila, HR Manager at ESD ROM).