ESD-ROM and Samsung

ESD-ROM and Samsung. The second partnership for education of young students in July 2015

The first education project ESD ROM and Samsung continued in 2015, based on the previous success.

Having the same desire to share best practices in the field of technology for young students in Romania, ESD ROM with Samsung continued to develop specialists.

The second project constituted a single group of students, who were able, within a period of only six weeks, to obtain skills and qualifications at basic, specialist and master in SMART equipment repair.

The structure of theoretical and practical courses consisted of:

  • Introduction of communications technologies for next generation;
  • Smart interaction, the basic principles of mobile phones and tablets repairs;
  • Advanced levels repair for SMART equipment;
  • Analysis and verification of repairs quality.

At this time, based on performance and after the courses were over, students could get the 3 degrees of professional certification in the field of smart equipment repair: Basic, Specialist or Master.

ESD ROM added, to his team of specialists, other two professionals who have achieved the best results in the following practical and theoretical tests at the end of the Academy.

"The initial goal of ESD ROM was to give students a real opportunity to practically learn and put into practice the theory taught in schools. I could not stop observing the students and their passion, moreover their skills and talents. This is why we decided to offer them the chance to pursue a career in the field” (Ion Tudor, Technical Manager at ESD ROM).