ESD ROM and Touched Romania

Support humanity in Romanian society

For ESD ROM support, human and social development are core values of the world in which they operate. We are strongly human oriented because we believe that only with and through people we can achieve extraordinary things. We want to bring value primarily to people, that they in turn, transfer at least the same value in the environment and society.

ESD ROM understands and supports the need of social development in Romania and accomplishes that by helping and giving a chance to education. To that end, ESD ROM supports social causes and wants to bring, beyond professionalism in business, added value to society by dedication and direct support to families and children in disadvantaged situations.

For the second year in a row, ESD ROM financed social causes presented Touched Romania, an association that supports mothers and children at risk, namely: victims of domestic violence, trafficking of poverty and social exclusion, children in foster care and with cancer.

To get a measurable impact in the lives of these people, the Touched Romania intervention involves a wide range of actions: provides individual counseling and group therapy, occupational therapy, educational support, training and professional integration, material and financial support they need to overcome crisis situations and to be reintegrated into society.

Touched Romania with ESD ROM shares the same values and understands that education in society must have a healthy foundation that will facilitate increased growth of children close to a normal family. Together we consider equally important the development of attachment between mother and child to prevent child abandonment, maintaining the health of mothers and children in the projects, the active involvement of fathers and extended family, school reintegration and social development of children (kindergarten, school) and raising and educating responsibilities of mothers.

Together we can change destinies and impact the present and the future!

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ESD ROM and CS Baller

Support Romanian basketball

"A healthy mind in a healthy body" is not just a quote whose author we often do not know, but a way of life. If in previous years ESD ROM was involved in developing sporting events in the company, today is involved in supporting the Romanian sport.

Hobbies and sports performance are very popular in Romania, but they must be supported to contribute to their performance. Therefore ESD ROM's road begins by funding school sport enthusiasts of CS Baller basketball school.

ESD ROM chose basketball because it found in the game some of the challenges it faces every day and some of the skills that it needs to acquire and demonstrate every day. Basketball is a team sport increasingly prevalent over the world. Characteristics are accuracy and variety of technical and tactical exercises and special physical qualities of athletes. Basketball claims team spirit, intelligence and strength.

We share values that CS Baller wants to develop: performance not only in sports but in life. CS Baller Basketball School offers children the opportunity to improve their play style, to form the necessary skills of a sportsman, to develop team spirit and self-confidence to conquer both in competitions and in life.

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